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 Corrugated Paper Packaging
On Demand package production
> Certificates frame needed to put each box, cut in-store assembly.
In a space-saving small lot production
> Twin sample cutter head, and productivity doubled. Ministry of factory space, so small you can even place.
 Sign Display
You can cut Large Display easily
> Twin heads to a major cut in from both if the speed is doubled.
> Replace wood packaging cardboard strengthen small lot production. Machining range in size up to 5000x2200 mm.
 Chemical Products,Plastics
> For Returnable lot of small boxes, forms and materials processing.
> When construction of housing and other needs has become thick Rubber
packing off.
Gasket production of On Demand
Styrofoam residential(Acoustic material)
 Order Various Items
> The custom-made leather
Artisanal cutting in the computer control easier.

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