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Score! takes package and display CAD to an entirely new level, changing the way CAD is viewed, used and shared in the corrugated and folding carton industries. Score! provides designers with a powerful, fast and straightforward method for creating everything from the simplest trays up to today's most unique and complex designs - all with an ease and elegance that sets it apart from commonplace CAD.


Intuitive operation reduces your learning curve
Differs from other CAD software, users can start creating as soon as Box-Vellum Graphite is installed into their computer. Also, you can find every necessary commands for drawing in the tool bar which is located at the left side of the interface.

Use your choice of platform
BOX-Vellum Graphite supports both Windows/Macintosh, including Windows XP and Mac OSX. Early updates will be released sequentially for next coming OS versions in future.

Multi-language environment
There are English, Chinese and Japanese editions currently. If any other new languages required, please just call us. It is our mission to create worldwide Packaging CAD software to the world.

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