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The patent is being applied now.
TSUBAME-GAESHI”---instant convertible head
One head can do cutting and creasing!

Two tools are installed per head. Rotating the point part of the head smoothly continuously does two or more processes such as cutting and creasing. The possibility of the processing can limitlessly broaden depending on the combination of the blade and the tool. More speedily, more smoothly…`Tsubame Gaeshi! head´(instant convertible head) opens tomorrow of a sample cutter.

- High speed and high accuracy are brought after miniaturizing the head and making it light.
- Smooth movement without uselessness.
- Speedy works because the tool is not exchanged.
- Various tools can be selected.
- The usage broadens infinitely according to the combination of tools.
- Automatically controlled by an instruction of CAD.
Excellent cutting! Professionals marvel at the edge. Materials that cannot conventionally be cut by a knife such as low expanded sheets (Paulownia SUPER HD-15) can be neatly cut.

The emergence of the Super Cutter characterized by its edge is reminiscent of Masamune, a celebrated sword.
3 times more powerful than conventional cutters
Materials that used to required several cuttings can now be cleanly cut in one stroke.
Reduction in working hours relates directly to a reduction in cost

Wide Stroke
2 times wider stroke of the blade in comparison to conventional blades
By broadening the cutting range of the blade, endurance of the blade has been raised.
This contributes to a reduction in the cost of consumables.

Sophistication without deviation from repeated cuttings
Even a small curve is finished with a clean cutting surface.

Automatic Transmission
The amplitude and speed are automatically adjusted preventing overheating. (Patent pending)
The frequency of the head is increased and decreased according to the speed variation.
This is automatically controlled by software, creating a finish without unevenness or trouble.


Delicate milling, drilling, sculpture is possible to a flat-blade tip drill. It makes smooth cross by powerful rotaly cut. It is suitable for drilling small and complicated signs and boxes.

Metals and chemical products, and other hard materials milling portion of the work is delicate.

Rotary blade for Milling

     The tip of blade

A wide variety of blades and tools are available

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Creasing for triple cardboard

1. The blade for corrugated cardboard form with 100mm thickness: straight type
2. The blade for corrugated cardboard form with 60mm thickness: straight type
3. 60mm straight blade (form / corrugated cardboard): straight type
4. 30mm form cutting blade
5. Standard blade
6. Special blade for 15mm corrugated cardboard
7. Cutting blade with V shaped
8. 60mm wave blade, suitable for cutting corrugated cardboard
9. 30mm blade for form cutting, especially for small figures
10. Special blade for thin materials
11. Special blade for thin materials, for form cutting
12. Creasing
13. Creasing for plastic corrugated cardboard

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