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No need for the hand adjustment

Everyone can cut with the best conditions anytime, because processing conditions according to the sheet are registered and output to CAD. This also prevents the mistakes and the accidents caused usually by the hand adjustment. With one data the output for the half cutting and full cutting can be done at a time, or the cutting can be done twice with twice thickness.

Offering both the vertical type and flat type

Two types are available; the flat type has stability, and the vertical type can be set up in the half size of area. The vertical type only occupies a tatami mat space, about 900mm~1800mm.

The sheet suppression treatment device is equipped.

Digital Cutter prevents the paper turning up when a blade of the cutter goes up. It does not rub the printed surface either when it cuts the proofs.

Possible to cut it from the MAC data!

The design data such as illustrators created by MAC is converted automatically by "BezArc (made by the COMNET Company)". A straight-line approximation and the free-form curve data are converted into circle and the circular arc and so on automatically, then outputted with a smooth cutting line.

Connected with CAD!

The CAD data being used in your company can be outputted as it is.

It is the best for cutting various test pieces. The digital sample cutter smaller than the conventional model has been newly developed. This is the reliable workhorse at small space such as the office, factories, and laboratories.

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