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A large figure is cut from right and left at the same time, so the processing speed becomes twice as much as fast.
Knives/blades and tools are installed separately on the right and left. Work for another process is possible at the same time.
Two heads are controlled at the same time with one computer.
Non-use of mold brought low cost even for small lot production.
Durability that can be used as small lot producing machine.
Working material is fixed one-touch by air cramp. Easy to set or to collect processed goods.
[ optional software ]
The bar code is recognized, and the selection of working material is recognized automatically as well as the shape data.
The worker only sets the working material!
 Feature of "Musashi", the vertical type with twin head

1.Two-way type as the air vibration system and motor vibration cutter.
Air vibration system is powerful. In case of the processing with high accuracy, it is possible to use the pushing cut after stopping vibration. Exchanged by the option.

2.Two heads handle the different data works at the same time with speed and smoothness.
The work efficiency is twice as much. For example, you can handle the big cartons on the both sides, or set the corrugated cardboard on the left and the corrugated plastics on the right.

3."Musahi" saves your working space.
No need to choose the setting place. "Musahi" has achieved to saving the space to the size 70% of the conventional models.

4.Automatic control by CAD.
The full auto operation is also possible by the bar code reading. Two heads having different movements are controlled with one computer.

5.The setup time such as setting and taking out is greatly reduced.
It contributes to the reduction of the total cost. The one-touch fixed system of the work material greatly reduced the time for the arrangement and workers labor load. Just one-touch to take out the finished product!

6.The varied head of a right and left.
"Musahi" offers a lot of tools suitable for the material such as a ruled line heads, super hard blade, and so on. The thick material (Up to 100mm) and light stuff (Up to 15mm) can be cut at the same time by a right and left head.

 Feature of flat type with twin head
It meets the demands for small lot production because of a great improvement of the processing speed.

2.One machine for two works.
A separate figure can be processed at the same time by a right and left head.

3.Low price
It is low-priced in the same production capacity as vertical type.

4.The creasing only for three layer corrugated cardboard (triple).
We offer creasing for triple, as option.

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